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Solution #2: Boomerang – audio alarm and GPS tracker

Boomerang CycloTrac is a self-contained bicycle anti-theft GPS device ready to defend your bike right out of the box.
Simply arm the device, walk away, and enjoy the peace of mind that Boomerang can bring to you.
Anyone touching or jostling the bike will trigger an alarm, and the Boomerang Companion App will send alerts straight to your mobile device letting you know that your bike is being tampered with — instantly!

Solution #1: Sherlock, the invisible GPS anti-theft device for bicycles

Solution #1: Sherlock, the invisible GPS anti-theft device for bicycles “Sherlock is the GPS-based tracker connected to a mobile app that tracks your bike in real time and enables you to precisely locate it and retrieve it in case of theft,” explains the CEO Pierluigi Freni. “We are honored to have […]

Tips & Tricks

Here we will be posting tips and tricks about bike tracking, location and anti-theft.
First advice: take care about your bike safety before it is too late! We recommend to use both, passive and active anti-theft solutions. Meaning, good, certificate locks and GPS-tracking device. Have a look into our Solutions page to review and select the one which would fit your usage scenario the best. Have a safe biking!

Bikes Anti-Theft GPS

bike anti-theft security alarm system in bd, bike gps anti-theft, gps anti theft bike. GPS Tracking Device For Bikes | Anti-theft Bike GPS Tracker. caveotrac is the invisible , lightweight, bike gps tracker with super stealth anti-theft capabilities ( motion sensor, powercell and smart antenna). Sherlock | The ultimate anti-theft […]

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