oBike to roll out its bike sharing model in 10 more European countries

oBike UK announced in Nov 2017 that it is launching its intelligence dock-less bike sharing platform in 10 more countries across Europe as part of its growth plans in the region.

oBike, which provides people around the world an alternative technology driven hassle-free mode of transportation, will launch in the following ten countries throughout November: Czech Republic, Greece, Finland, France, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, and Sweden.

Adopting the business model to fit these European markets, the new ten countries have been carefully selected based on their existing cycling landscape. The on-the-ground country managers all have engaged with the authorities, and will go in with great street teams to manage the fleets. The roll out of oBike in these countries will all be in a pilot-testing face through a phased approach, where the oBike fleet will grow with the demand of the user.

oBike will start rolling out in the countries’ main cities as soon as today and throughout the rest of the month. The company is committed to partner with community projects, local bike shops, and employ local logistics partners to ensure that oBike’s product becomes embedded in the countries’ ecosystems.

People either living or visiting these countries (and all other countries of operations) simply need to download the oBike app, locate the bike, scan the QR code located on the bicycles, and cycle! Once they finish their ride at, they can return their bikes at any public bike-parking areas, a completely station-less operation.

Edward Chen, Co-founder oBike, said: “The dock-less bike sharing market is growing at a fast pace, and I am delighted that we are rapidly growing with it. We only started in our first country of operations, Singapore, in January this year. Now 11 months further we will be operating in over 40 cities across 24 countries, having invested in our bikes, technology, and operational standards.

There is a huge demand worldwide for the dock-less bike sharing model as it is a viable and eco-friendly alternative mode of transportation, promoting shared ownership of bicycles across all of society. I am pleased to enter these new ten countries, which will all benefit from the oBike model in different ways.”

Chen continued: “We are committed to work closely with all the authorities in our countries of operations to manage fleets, parking issues, and overcome further challenges – as we also continue to innovate our technology and product offering, evolving with the demand of the market.

About oBike

oBike is a dock-less bike sharing platform, providing a hassle free, more sustainable, healthy, tech-friendly, and economic mode of transport. Founded in Singapore in January 2017, oBike was Southeast Asia’s first smart bike-sharing company.

Currently operating in 43 cities across 24 countries (after the European launch in November), oBike aims to become the next generation transportation company designed for the urban leisure cyclists and first and last mile commuter. oBike’s mission is to make environmentally friendly transportation affordable, available and accessible by everyone and everywhere.


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