Solution #1: Sherlock, the invisible GPS anti-theft device for bicycles

Solution #1: Sherlock, the invisible GPS anti-theft device for bicycles

“Sherlock is the GPS-based tracker connected to a mobile app that tracks your bike in real
time and enables you to precisely locate it and retrieve it in case of theft,” explains the CEO
Pierluigi Freni. “We are honored to have been recognized with the Best Startup award at the
CosmoBike Show 2017 for the innovation and design of our product, as a result of the work we
have been doing in the past two years on research and development”. 

Sherlock is compact and small to be hidden into the handlebars of the bicycle, resulting
invisible from the outside. In this way it is hard for the thief to detect and it does not alter the
design of the bike.
It is connected to a mobile app, and if the bike gets moved the cyclist gets an immediate alert
on his phone. He can then check the tracking on the mobile app and share the unique tracking
code with the police.
“After experiencing bike theft ourselves and feeling helpless with no means to retrieve what
was taken from us, we worked together to build the perfect GPS tracker to allow cyclists to
always know where their bicycle is, at anytime” continues the CEO Pierluigi Freni. “Sherlock
establishes a direct connection between the bicycle and its owner, giving the bicycle a “voice”
to shout for help and providing the owner with the peace of mind he deserves.”
Sherlock is designed and developed in Italy, and is available for orders on at
149€. The device comes equipped with a SIM card and Internet connection included for 2 years
in the sales price (3€/month from the third year).
Sherlock is sustained by i3P incubator in Italy and SETsquared incubator in UK and
supported by Fondazione CRT-Cassa di Risparmio di Torino. In 2015 the company received a
grant by the European frontierCities acceleration programme for the early-stage research
and development of the product. In 2017 Viasat Group, leader in Europe for satellite security
systems, acquired a participation in the company with the aim of widening the offer of security
products for the consumer market.

Have a safe biking!

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