Solution #2: Boomerang – audio alarm and GPS tracker

Solution #2: Boomerang – audio motion detection alarm and GPS tracker

Boomerang CycloTrac is advertised as a revolutionary breakthrough in bicycle anti-theft protection. It combines an on board
motion-sensing alarm with state of the art GPS technology capable of tracking the bike anywhere there is
a cell signal. All in real time.

In addition to the peace of mind that comes with all Boomerang anti-theft products, the bike owner can also keep track of the way
he ride the bike like never before. The ride distance, elevation, calorie burn and more is available on Boomerang website via easy to access interface.

The Boomerang CycloTrac anti-theft GPS is built to last. It is waterproof and stays in place with special
mounting hardware. Use Boomerang with a good lock, and double down on your bike protection. Deterrence is
half the battle. Thieves choose the path of least resistance.

When your bike is disturbed: Anti-Theft motion sensor alarm sounds, a text message
is sent to your phone and GPS tracker is activated. Unlike limited range Bluetooth, CycloTrac finds
you through cell signal.

Price: Boomerang CycloTrac costs $155.00 including one year of cellular data connection. It is being shipped internationally.

How It Works

The device has a GPS chip, and a Verizon Cellular radio plus a TI CPU and other sensors.
The GPS and sensors collect data and the Verizon Radio sends it to the Cloud. The majority
of the data processing is done on the server in the cloud. Once the incoming data has
been analyzed and organized, it is sent and displayed on the App and the Dashboard

The system is designed to provide the bike owner with notifications through text
message and email. If the bike is armed and someone moves it, the owner gets a message.
The user also can create a Geo-fence, a virtual barrier that is created by using the GPS to define
geographical boundaries. If the bike leaves or crosses these boundaries, an alert will be
triggered and sent to the bike owner’s device. The fence can be at any distance to be
at ½ mile, 3 miles, or 10 miles. The alert goes to anyone user choose.

There are two ways to monitor the bike. You can set the alarm and if your bike is disturbed
the bike owner receive a message. Or user can just watch his bike on the App or dashboard and he
will see if it moves.

The audible alarm will only be triggered if the CycloTrac has been armed via
the app. If not, the GPS will still function, but the audible alarm will not go off and the owner
will not be alerted when the bike is moved.

In addition to theft prevention, the information about a ride is also provided
including gas savings and carbon offset. There are more features and trackable
metrics planned to be added.

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